The Diary of a Canary in the Mine

Recovering from toxicity has led me down many paths that I could not have ever imagined.  After a life-long battle with invisible illness, a brush with death opened up my eyes and altered my life permanently. I began to seek answers to the debilitated condition my body was in after having a catastrophic side effect to... Continue Reading →

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Veggie Ramen Zoodles

I love the rich and savory recipe for so many reasons! Not only is it simple and  inexpensive, but it also has no gluten, soy, salt, or additives! I have tried many different variations of it, and find that it is also great completely Raw! There are many different ways that that you can make with... Continue Reading →

Detox Diary 2019: Spring Forward

  It's official....Spring is here!!!! Driving down the road today I saw the bright blossoms of the phlox plants. My heart brimming with gratitude, after having made it through another long, and hard winter. Celebrating the beginning of Spring is a blessed honor, and each year I get a little stronger! When I first wake... Continue Reading →

Summer Dayz: The Freedom Paradigm

Many know that now I eat a plant based diet, after many attempts to consume animal proteins with catastrophic side effects. I have been converting to a new dietary lifestyle as of last spring. I have found this to be a method of metabolic detoxification that is slow and restorative, while also incredibly effective. I began... Continue Reading →

My Integral Essentials- Glorious Garlic

I have always loved garlic when cooking meals! As I consume less cooked meals, I have developed a deep appreciation for consuming organic raw garlic, not only for flavor but as a potent medicinal therapy.  When I am in need of a systemic antibiotic, this is a go-to treatment that benefits my body on multiple levels. It is... Continue Reading →

Autumn Detox Update: The Season of Change

Upon beginning this transformation two months ago, I underestimated the depths of this regenerative detoxification process.  This is truly a holistic body, mind, heart and soul cleansing. While deconditioning and freeing myself from toxic habits, I have tried to keep my focus on intensive self-care, and mindfulness. I have been able to resume some old... Continue Reading →

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